World of Warships announces open beta with ridiculous new trailer

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I will readily admit that the thing that excites me most about today's launch of the World of Warships open beta is this World of Warships open beta trailer. That's not to say that the game itself won't be cool—I haven't played it, but I also haven't seen any "Wargaming, please sink World Of Warships" petitions on, so I assume things are going reasonably well—but any video that can make plodding, impersonal naval combat seem like the most exciting and action-packed thing you'll do this month is okay by me.

It's wildly inaccurate, of course—if your aircraft carrier is basically sharing a parking lot with an enemy battleship, you've got more problems than I can help you with—but that's half the fun. At the end, I was literally leaning forward in my seat, eyes wide, thinking, "You're not going to make it! You're not going to make it!" I won't spoil the outcome, but it was an unexpectedly intense moment. (And I was right. Sorry, SPOILER WARNING.)

Anyway, after a few "beta weekends" and a further closed beta period that began in March, has flung the World of Warships doors open to the world. The open beta features more than 80 American and Japanese warships along with vessels from the newly-added UK and Soviet Union, and a "robust signal flag customization system" that will "display a player's prowess on the water while providing buffs and advantages."

The World of Warships open beta is live now. Get the details and the client (it's free to play) at

Andy Chalk

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