All WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 runes

A night elf faces off against an orc warrior in World of Warcraft Classic, amidst the dense shadowy woodland of Ashenvale.
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World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2 launch takes players from level 25 to 40–and also opens up new class runes, which give all of WoW Classic SoD players new abilities to experiment with.

These runes come from a combination of drops from mobs, ground spawns and quests. Once collected, they work the same way as enchantments, in that you'll need to apply the rune to the relevant gear slot to enable it. Some runes will be recognisable spells while others are new. You'll find the WoW SoD Phase 2 runes listed below, and we’ll update this list with their locations once they’re found.

Druid runes

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Here are the Phase 2 druid runes: 

  • Belt runes: Berserk in Bear and Cat forms, Eclipse for Moonkin form, and Nourish for healing.
  • Boot runes: Dreamstate in Moonkin or healing, King of the Jungle for Cat form, and Survival Instincts for Bear or Cat form. 
  • Bracer runes: Efflorescence for healing, and Improved Frenzied Regeneration for all forms. 
  • Helm runes: Gale Winds for Moonkins, Gore for Cat/Bear, and Improved Barkskin as a damage reduction for allies.

Hunter runes

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Here are the Phase 2 hunter runes: 

  • Belt runes: These include the abilities Aspect of the Viper, Expose Weakness, Melee Specialist and Steady Shot. 
  • Boot runes: Dual Wield Specialization for melee damage, Invigoration for mana regen, and Trap Launcher. 
  • Bracer runes: Focus Fire or T.N.T., which improves bombs and traps.

Mage runes

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Here are the Phase 2 mage runes: 

  • Belt runes: The spells Frostfire Bolt and Hot Streak. Missile Barrage, which reduces the duration and mana cost of Arcane Missiles but not the damage, and Spellfrost, a damage spell with a slow. 
  • Boot runes: Brain Freeze, the heal Chronostatic Preservation, and Balefire Bolt, which can kill you if you cast it too often. 
  • Bracer runes: Displacement and Molten Armor. 
  • Helm runes: The stun Deep Freeze, or Temporal Anomaly which shields party members. 
  • Boot runes: Spell Power, which increases critical strike damage bonus.

Paladin runes

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Here are the Phase 2 paladin runes: 

  • Belt runes: Enlightened Judgements which extends the range to 30 yards and adds spell hit, Infusion of Light to add damage to Holy Shock, and Sheath of Light which gives spell power for melee strikes. 
  • Boot runes: Guarded by the Light for mana regen, Sacred Shield for healing, and Art of War which causes melee crits to reduce spell damage cooldowns.
  • Bracer runes: Improved Hammer of Wrath and Purifying Power, which buffs Holy Wrath and Exorcism. 
  • Helm runes: Fanaticism, which improves Holy spell crit, Improved Sanctuary, which buffs Blessing of Sanctuary, Light’s Grace which buffs Holy Light, and Wrath which buffs spell damage.

Priest runes

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Here are the Phase 2 priest runes: 

  • Belt runes: Empowered Renew, Mind Spike, or Renewed Hope, which buffs heals on shielded targets. 
  • Boot runes: Dispersion, Pain Suppression or Spirit of the Redeemer, which adds Spirit of Redemption without dying. 
  • Bracer runes: Despair, which makes damage over time spells crit, Surge of Light, which buffs spells after critical casts or Void Zone, a ground-based AOE. 
  • Helm runes: Divine Aegis which shields on critical heals, and Shadowfiend.

Rogue runes

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Here are the Phase 2 rogue runes: 

  • Belt runes: Poisoned Knife; an off-hand attack, Shadowstep, or Shuriken Toss. 
  • Boot runes: Master of Subtlety for extra damage from stealth, or Waylay, to buff Backstab. 
  • Helm runes: Combat Potency or Focused Attacks, both of which increase energy, or Honor Among Thieves, which gives combo points when party members critically strike. 
  • Boot rune: Rolling with the Punches, which grants health on dodge or parry.

Shaman runes

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Here are the Phase 2 shaman runes: 

  • Belt runes: Fire Nova, Maelstrom Weapon, or Power Surge, which causes Flame Shock ticks to reset and buff other damage spells. 
  • Boot runes: Ancestral Awakening, an ancestral spirit that heals, Decoy Totem, or Spirit of the Alpha to increase threat for tanking. 
  • Chest rune: Two-Handed Mastery, which grants two-handed attack speed.

Warlock runes

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Here are the Phase 2 warlock runes: 

  • Belt runes: Grimoire of Synergy which makes demon damage buff your damage and vice versa, Invocation which makes last-minute DoT spell refreshes do damage, and Shadow and Flame, which buffs those types of damage. 
  • Boot runes: Dance of the Wicked which gives mana regen and dodge for you and your demon, Demonic Knowledge which boosts damage and healing, and Shadowflame. 
  • Bracer runes: Immolation Aura, Summon Felguard and Unstable Affliction. 
  • Helm runes: Backdraft and Pandemic.

Warrior runes

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Here are the Phase 2 warrior runes: 

  • Belt runes: Blood Surge for Arms, Focused Rage for all specializations, and Precise Timing for the Slam ability. 
  • Boot runes: Enraged Regeneration for Fury, Intervene for all specializations, and Rallying Cry to grant temporary health to all party members.
  • Pants rune: Commanding Shout to add Stamina for all party members. 
  • Bracer runes: Rampage for all specializations, Sword and Board for Protection or Wrecking Crew for Fury. 
  • Helm runes: Shield Mastery for Protection, Taste for Blood for Arms, or Vigilance for tanking.

We’ll add locations for all of these runes to this list as they are discovered in game. Happy hunting!