Where to find Ponzo in WoW: Dragonflight

WoW Ponzo is wearing a hat with a green snail behind him
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Now that the 10.1 update is here, you might be looking for WoW Ponzo in Zaralek Cavern. He's one of the Niffen, a race of mole-like creatures found within the new zone. He sells a variety of wares but only accepts Barter Bricks instead of gold. In fact, he has a quest that introduces you to the new currency.

Ponzo is found at Loamm, one of the outposts in the Zaralek Cavern. Thankfully, the underground zone allows dragonriding, so navigating the zone is a breeze—there are even new Dragon Glyphs to collect to improve your flying further. That said, if you want to learn more about WoW Ponzo, including where to find him, here's what you need to know. 

WoW Ponzo location and vendor items 

Ponzo, the Barterer Extraordinaire, is hanging out at Loamm in Zaralek Cavern, east of the flight point at coordinates 58,53. He will offer the quest Get Rich Quick, which rewards you with one Barter Brick and ten flightstones. You can also talk to him to see what stuff he's selling, though you may not have the required Barter Bricks quite yet.

Here is what Ponzo has to offer in his "shop":

  • Bartered Dig Map (Three Barter Bricks)
  • Winding Slitherdrake: Hairy Brow (55 Barter Bricks)
  • Winding Slitherdrake: Cluster Chin Horn (55 Barter Bricks)
  • Winding Slitherdrake: Curled Nose (55 Barter Bricks)
  • Bartered Alchemy Notes (35 Barter Bricks)
  • Bartered Enchanting Notes (35 Barter Bricks)
  • Bartered Alchemy Journal (90 Barter Bricks)
  • Bartered Enchanting Journal (90 Barter Bricks)
  • Ponzo's Cream (25 Barter Bricks)
  • Glimmerogg Timeshare Voucher (80 Barter Bricks)
  • Thimblerig pet (85 Barter Bricks)
  • Boulder Hauler Reins (170 Barter Bricks)

How to get Barter Bricks in WoW Dragonflight 

Aside from the Get Rich Quick quest from Ponzo that rewards you with one Barter Brick, he'll also offer you an additional quest called Bartering 101 once you reach Renown level 3 with the Loamm Niffen. This one gives you 10 Barter Bricks on completion, though it is a one-off quest. Still, it's a good start.

The rest are a little more tricky to get as there's really no guaranteed way to get Barter Bricks. Your best bet is to check treasures found around Zaralek Cavern and you can buy the Dig Map from Ponzo in the hope of getting them as a reward from the Sniffenseek digs.  

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