Where to get Happy Pet Snacks in World of Warcraft

WoW Happy Pet treats - a demon hunter character is standing next to the Gilvanas battle pet in Dalaran. The pet has a red heart floating above it
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Happy Pet Snacks are treats for your battle pet in World of Warcraft and one of this month's objectives in the new Trading Post. Using five Happy Pet Snacks is one of the easier tasks you can perform, and it will net you 100 Travel Points for your troubles. 

The most challenging part is figuring out where to find these tasty treats, and I'll explain what you need to know in this guide. Here's where to find WoW Happy Pet Snacks and how to use them to earn Travel Points.

WoW Happy Pet Snacks: Where to find them 

You can buy Happy Pet Snacks from Breanni, the pet supplies vendor, in the Magical Menagerie shop in Dalaran. It's the first building on your right as you leave Krasus' Landing. Conveniently, you buy them in bundles of five, which will cost you 50 silver.

You can find Breanni and her Happy Pet Snacks in both the Northrend and Broken Isles versions of Dalaran, so the quickest way is via the hearthstone from Legion. If you didn't play during Legion or would rather visit the WotLK version of the floating city, you can travel there from the portal rooms in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

How to use Happy Pet Snacks 

Once you've picked up the snacks, you need to summon one of your battle pets. Next, locate the Happy Pet Snacks in your bags, right-click on them, and then click on your pet. You'll toss the snack to your pet, and a heart will hover over them. Do this five more times to complete the objective.  


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