How to complete Great Crates in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

WoW Great Crates - a blood elf stands near the hut where you pick up the Great Crates quest
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Completing the Great Crates quest in World of Warcraft is proving a bit of a challenge for many. You can pick up this quest as soon as you arrive in the Emerald Dream—the new zone introduced with The Guardians of the Dream update—and finish the introductory quests that lead you to Amirdrassil. 

While there's plenty to do in the 10.2 patch, with an entire new zone to explore, a raid to conquer, and class balance changes to adjust to, you might be thinking about the newly announced expansion, The War Within, that's set to arrive next year. It's still quite a way away, though, so let's drag our minds back to the task at hand: here's how to complete the WoW Great Crates quest and find Vashonir.  

WoW Vashonir location 

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Eran'nda, the Great Crates quest giver, is located inside a hut to the east of the Amirdrassil flight point. While she's not technically inside the encampment, you can find her across the bridge in the area to the right. The quest tasks you with packing a Shipment of Goods for  Vashonir in the Central Encampment but there's no quest marker telling you where to go. 

The quest text is misleading as you'll find Vashonir standing right next to Eran'nda, the NPC that hands you the quest in the first place. Interacting with Vashonir brings up the Supply Shipments window, and from here you can choose which shipment you want to pack, depending on which of the required crafting materials you have on hand. Don't worry if you're not a crafter; you can buy materials from the auction house if needed.

WoW Great Crates: How to complete the quest 

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Once you've gathered all the reagents needed, speak to Vashonir and use the shipment window to collect your Shipment of Goods. Hand the item over to Eran'nda to complete the quest and get your reward of a Plump Dreamseed, Dragon Isles Supplies, and reputation with the Dream Wardens.

Here are the Shipments of Goods you can choose from, as well as the resources needed for each:

Cloth Shipment

  • 125 Tattered Wildercloth
  • 25 Wildercloth
  • 15 Chromatic Dust
  • Three Vibrant Shards

Food Shipment

  • 50 fish (any Dragon Isles variety)
  • 15 Ribbed Mollusc Meat
  • 15 Basilisk Eggs
  • 15 Bruffalon Flank
  • 15 Mighty Mammoth Ribs
  • 15 Burly Bear Haunch

Islefin Dorado Shipment 

  • Five Islefin Dorado
  • 15 Pebbled Rock Salts
  • 15 Assorted Exotic Spices

Diamond Shipment

  • Five Illimited Diamond

Uncommon Herb Shipment 

  • 25 Saxifrage/Bubble Poppy/Writhebark
  • One Awakened Frost
  • One Awakened Air

Serevite Shipment 

  • 25 Serevite Ore
  • One Awakened Fire
  • One Awakened Earth
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