How to complete the Depth Charge world quest in WoW: Dragonflight

WoW Depth Charge - a player is on a dragonriding mount, flying towards a circular arena with pillars around the outside
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The objective of the Depth Charge world quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is relatively easy, but it can be hard to finish if one or two other players show up. You might find yourself short of the enemies you need to kill to complete it, but if you move away from the main quest area, you'll find an abundance of mobs on which to use the lure.

The world quest is found just east of the capital city of Valdrakken and if you're keen to finish it, I'll show you the best place to go. Here's how to complete the WoW Depth Charge world quest.

WoW Depth Charge: Where to charge the Deepwater Lure 

The Depth Charge world quest tasks you with charging the Deepwater Lure, and a progress bar will help you track how well you're doing. You need to defeat water elementals in the area, then use the Deepwater Lure on them to charge it. Each enemy you kill and drain will contribute to the quest's progress bar.

That might sound simple enough, but the problem comes with the slow respawn rate of these enemies. There aren't many in the quest area to start off with, and if several players are vying for the same objective, you run into trouble and find there aren't enough enemies to go around.

One solution is to look in less obvious places. A nearby cave, to the east of the main world quest marker on the map—at coordinates 51,57 to be exact—has many enemies and should be more than enough to charge your lure and complete the quest. 

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