World of Warcraft Classic is coming in August

World of Warcraft Classic will be sending players back in time this summer, returning to the days before flying mounts, dungeon queues and the earth-shattering Cataclysm. You'll be able to start levelling up a new character in old WoW on August 27.

You might not need to wait until August, however. From May 15, Blizzard will be inviting select players into a closed beta, while more will be brought in for stress tests from May through July. If you fancy participating, you can sign up here

From launch, all WoW subscribers will have access to Classic, so you might as well take it for a spin. It's an unusual experience, simultaneously frustrating and comforting, but perfect for a spot of digital tourism. For more, check out my World of Warcraft Classic preview

Classic's arrival is part of Blizzard's celebration of 15 years of WoW (and 25 years of Warcraft). There will be a few other things to mark the occasion, including the launch of the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition, which will be available from October 8 for $99. Most of that hefty price is down to the fancy Ragnaros statue and probably not the pin, mouse pad or prints. 

Here's Ragnaros getting furious about being encased in glass.

Fraser Brown
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