World of Tanks update adds new maps and tank stealth

World of Tanks PWWNK

World of Tanks update 7.0 has arrived, bringing two new maps and a camouflage system that will let tanks blend into their surroundings better, with different paint jobs for different battlefields. "camouflage will provide enhanced invisibility and add more to the strategic element of tank combat" reads the official description. Don't believe the official description? Check out the picture above. You might not believe it, but there's actually a tank cunningly hidden somewhere in that image. Spooky, I know.

The update will also let clans put clan emblems on their vehicles, and the "special model SU-85 (I)" medium tank will be added for "special World of Tanks events." WoT is free to play. You can sign up for a free account now on the World of Tanks site. As well as creating new updates for the hugely successful tank war sim, are building World of Warplanes. Find out more about that project in our World of Warplanes preview .

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