World of Tanks teams up with appropriately tanky anime Girls und Panzer

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Girls und Panzer sounds like the name of a very specialist magazine, but it turns out it's that other thing: an anime, and one that quite literally revolves around girls in tanks. It's being reported (via Akiba Souken (opens in new tab) and the Anime News Network (opens in new tab) ) that World of Tanks (opens in new tab) developers have teamed up with the seemingly quite creepy anime to...OK, so that part isn't entirely clear yet. But World of Tanks + Girls in Tanks is the kind of thing that could implode the internet, so collaborate responsibly, OK?

As PCGamesN (opens in new tab) note, the collaboration could result in some new anime-themed tank skins, a Girls und Panzer spin-off or, well, anything really. Literally anything. Literally anything involving girls and tanks. There may be more specifics in that Akiba Souken article, but I'm frustratingly mono-lingual I'm afraid.

Naturally, a youtuber has already imagined such a collaboration coming to pass. If World of Girls in Tanks (or whatever) looks even a little like this, it will be kind of, um, awesome:

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