World of Tanks teams up with appropriately tanky anime Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer sounds like the name of a very specialist magazine, but it turns out it's that other thing: an anime, and one that quite literally revolves around girls in tanks. It's being reported (via Akiba Souken and the Anime News Network ) that World of Tanks developers have teamed up with the seemingly quite creepy anime to...OK, so that part isn't entirely clear yet. But World of Tanks + Girls in Tanks is the kind of thing that could implode the internet, so collaborate responsibly, OK?

As PCGamesN note, the collaboration could result in some new anime-themed tank skins, a Girls und Panzer spin-off or, well, anything really. Literally anything. Literally anything involving girls and tanks. There may be more specifics in that Akiba Souken article, but I'm frustratingly mono-lingual I'm afraid.

Naturally, a youtuber has already imagined such a collaboration coming to pass. If World of Girls in Tanks (or whatever) looks even a little like this, it will be kind of, um, awesome:

(Image via Crunchyroll )

Tom Sykes

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