World of Tanks rolls over 40 million registered users milestone

World of Tanks is doing rather well. say that they've recorded more than 500,000 concurrent players online in Russia as registration numbers pass the 40 million mark. Players have been pouring into servers to check out the big 8.0 update , which overhauled WoT's visuals and added proper physics. Tanks can now barge each other off cliffs, into rivers or into other tanks' line of fire. It's tank sumo out there right now.

World of Tanks is one of the biggest free to play games in the world. It charmed the Russian market almost immediately when it first launch, but has spread successfully into Europe and China, and apparently can't be stopped.

It took the developers a decade to come up with their first mega-hit. Discover how it all happened in our piece on the rise of . CEO Victor Kislyi summed up the reason for WoT's huge success succinctly. “We were pretty much lucky because boys, we now know scientifically and can prove that, like tanks in pretty much the same manner across the world.”

If you want to see what all the fuss is about you can sign up for an account and download the game now from the World of Tanks site .

Tom Senior

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