World of Tanks rolls out 'Tank Rally' racing mode

World of Tanks

The name World of Tanks most likely conjures up visions of great, plodding machines blasting away at each other in explosive battles of attrition, and sometimes that's an accurate perception. But the new Tank Rally mode takes the game in an unexpected direction, where speed, not guns, is what really counts. (Okay, yes, the guns count too.)

Players logging into World of Tanks will find a shiny new M24 Chaffee "sport tank" in their garage, which, as a special event unit, will not replace any existing tanks nor take up an existing garage slot. The souped-up light tank, as explained in the preview video, boasts a 1000 horsepower engine giving it a top speed of—brace yourselves—90 km/h.

The race itself is a 3v3 battle on a divided track, and it is in fact a battle: Victory can be earned by either taking the capture point at the finish line, or destroying all the tanks on the opposing side. Gaps in the track divider lets tankers shoot at enemies as they race or switch over to drive on the opposite side, and there are even a few ramps, for those who prefer to make a more dramatic entrance.

Successful racers will earn the Racer 2014 medal and can also score bonus experience, a day of premium access and an extra garage slot. Sadly, the Tank Rally is a time-limited event: It's live now and runs until 4 am PDT on October 13. Get all the details at

Andy Chalk

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