World of Tanks Generals: a free-to-play browser based collectible card game about tank war

If there are two things beginning with C that tanks aren't, it's collectible and cardboard. AND YET, World of Tanks developers will render World War 2's most monstrous war machines unto tiny rectangles in their upcoming strategy game, World of Tanks Generals. You'll only be able to caress those collectible cutouts if you own the board game version but, fortunately, it'll also be available as a free to play, browser based game.

"World Of Tanks Generals will merge the worlds of tabletop and video games, featuring solid mechanics, strategic thinking and tactical twists in a fun, approachable way. It will feature the same great multiplayer tank warfare that Wargaming fans have come to love, just from an entirely new perspective," says CEO Victor Kislyi.

There will be cards representing artillery and infantry as well. There will be battles built around famous historical scenarios playable alone or in multiplayer and new units can be researched and bought to liven up your playbook. The US, the U.S.S.R., France and Germany are the armies that'll be available at launch.

This might seem like a bit of a swerve for World of Tank fans, but Generals sounds just like's kettle of tanks. They spent many years making turn based strategy games before coming up with WoT. You can read the story behind how on Earth that happened in our big feature in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK . Find out more about's latest experiment on the World of Tanks Generals site .

Tom Senior

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