World of Tanks celebrates second birthday, provides presents for players

World of Tanks is celebrating its two-year anniversary in North America and Europe, and are saying tanks for the support (I'm so, so sorry) with a celebration of all things big, metal and shooty. From today through to the 16th April, they're offering a selection of bonuses and discounts for their millions of tank commanders. You don't even have craft a papier-mâché Panzer party hat to join in.

Here's what's on offer:

  • 5x Experience for the First Victory of the Day in Each Vehicle
  • Medal Hunt: Earn an extra 25,000 credits for every Top Gun Medal awarded
  • Discount and Profit Bonus on Tier VIII Vehicles and Tier VI SPGs
  • Discount on Tier VIII Premium vehicles
  • Profit Bonus on Tier V Vehicles
  • Discount on Equipment and Crew Training
  • Discount on Premium Accounts

Additionally, Wargaming have released a code granting a one-day Premium account to every player. Just enter the code "2NDBDAYTANKS" for your brief bonus. The code is valid until the 25th April.

Want to know more about World of Tanks? Check out PC Gamer Presents World of Tanks , a definitive 148 page guide to the game that includes bonus codes for 1500 in-game gold for existing accounts and 250 gold, a premium tank and an extra garage slot for newbies.

Phil Savage

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