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World of Tanks 10.0 update will launch Rampage mode


World of Tanks 10.0 is due at the end of October, and will bring with it new maps and the full release of a new game mode called Rampage that includes respawning, "garage battles", repair spots and the ability to call in air strikes. There are two flavours. Domination—a team mode in which players blow up enemy tanks for victory points—and the free-for-all Steel Hunt. The mode was tested in an event a few months back with update 9.10.

That will be quite a diversion from World of Tanks' standard "Counter-Strike but tanks" formula. The new maps, set in blasted up versions of Paris and Berlin, will be exclusively playable in Rampage and promise an "eerie alternative history" vibe. I don't know what that might be, but if I had to guess the scenario it'd be "what if living tanks won WW2?"

Once the patch hits a new tank, the Tier 10 T-22, can be unlocked by completing a season of personal battle missions. Other smaller additions include a new PvE tutorial and a system that adds bonuses to Crew Skills.

The CGI trailer for the update shows none of the above, but you do get to see the Eiffel Tower fall over, so go nuts.

Tom Senior
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