World of Goo dev’s new game launches next week

7 Billion Humans, the new game from World of Goo creators Tomorrow Corporation, will launch next Thursday.

The announcement came via a new trailer shared on Kyle Gabler’s Youtube channel, showing the game in action.

While Tomorrow Corporation is best known for World of Goo, 7 Billion Humans is actually a direct follow-up the studio’s most recent game Human Resource Machine, which focussed on teaching its players how to use programming commands through the medium of instructing a group of office workers to solve puzzles. It was kind of a halfway house between Lemmings and sudoku, albeit more fun than that description makes it sound, according to PC Gamer’s Angus Morrison anyway.

By the looks of things, 7 Billion Humans is also a programming puzzle solver, but there are some key differences. Where Human Resource machine used Assembly as the basis for its programming language, 7 Billion Humans uses a bespoke language written by the developers. Moreover, Human Resource Machine only allowed one of its workers to execute commands, whereas 7 Billion Humans allows every worker in a puzzle to execute at the same time.

7 Billion Humans is also much larger than its predecessor, offering 60 unique puzzles, three times as many as Human Resource Machine. It’s intended to be a little more forgiving on the player too, offering the ability to request hints and skip any puzzles that are particularly obstructive.

The announcement trailer is below. Keep an eye out for 7 Billion Humans descending on Steam as of August 23.