Here's when The Witcher season 2 releases

The Witcher season 2 releases this Friday, December 17, and like the first season of Netflix's adaptation of the Polish fantasy books, all eight episodes of The Witcher's second season will drop at the same time.

That will happen at midnight PST on Friday morning. That's 3 am EST, and 8 am in the UK. Here's a handy time zone conversion chart where you can find you city. Below are conversions for a few locations you may be near:

The Witcher season 2 releases Friday, December 17 at...

  • Los Angeles: midnight PST
  • New York: 3 am EST
  • London: 8 am GMT
  • Warsaw: 9 am CET
  • Brisbane: 6 pm AEST
  • Sydney: 7 pm AEDT

We've reviewed the first six episodes of season 2. The short of it is that it's a more conventional show this season—no more time hopping—and fun in its own ways, featuring a dadlier (but still deadly) Geralt, a new side of Yennefer, and a strong performance from Freya Allen as Ciri.

Here's a refresher on The Witcher's first season if you need it. Also check out our guide to The Witcher books—it might be fun to read the stories season 2 covers to see what was changed and what was left out. (You may have heard that they're pretty decent collections and novels in general, too.)

Our appreciation for The Witcher of course stems first from the CD Projekt RPG series. In that respect, you probably already know that The Witcher 3 is good, but if you haven't played the card-based RPG that followed it, Thronebreaker, we recommend it highly.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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