Obey Alliance wins $180,000 in H1Z1: Fight for the Crown team tournament

Fight for the Crown, H1Z1: King of the Kill's first official team tournament aired on the CW tonight—the actual tournament took place in March—and taking the crown, along with a hefty $180,000 payday, was Obey Alliance. This wasn't some skin-of-their-teeth victory, either: Obey won handily, with all five members of their team incredibly still standing at the end of the match. It was a dominating performance by Obey players Pinchy, Aladdin, ShurimaWizard, Mig_99, and Kevie1.

I spoke with Kevie1 and ShurimaWizard earlier in the week over Skype about their victory.

"This was personally my first event ever, for any type of gaming, so, it was quite the experience," Kevie1 told me. "I had a few nerves, but once I was actually playing on the [PC] setup and all that, it went away pretty quickly. I was just focused on the game and winning, pretty much."

In the first practice round before the tournament, Obey had strong a showing, placing in the top five. In the second practice match, "We made it pretty far and then we just got run over by [competing team] Soar, I believe," Kevie1 told me.

Kevie1 summed it up with a quote he gave in interviews during the tournament: "We weren't gonna die to anybody." With Obey Alliance not just winning the tournament, but every single member of the team surviving, his prediction turned out to be right on the money: all $180,000 of it.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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