Windows 8 Upgrade to be $40 (UK price TBA)

It's coming soon with a sleek new look, massively updated apps, Xbox integration, and a surprisingly lower price than expected. While the UK price hasn't been shared yet, though we have to hope it won't be a 1:1 conversion rate, that's not bad for a brand new OS. Lest we forget, a basic Home Premium upgrade is still listed at $100 over on, with Apple's much less ambitious Mountain Lion clocking in at $20 later this month. If you want the new Windows, you won't need to save up for long.

Want to know more? Adam Oxford has been using it for months, filing reports like these:

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If you've yet to try it out, the Windows 8 Release Preview is still available for download. Back up all your files and important settings in advance, obviously, but otherwise check it out. Curious about what Metro actually does? Here's a video. Loud music, active social life and non-iPad tablets optional.