Win the Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC

Dead Island - Bloodbath Arena

You there! Do you enjoy slaying the undead? Of course you do, so why not enter our latest competition and win the chance to kill more zombies than ever before? We're giving away five copies of Dead Island's new Bloodbath Arena DLC, which adds a new survival mode. Better yet, as these prizes are digital, anyone can enter! What are you waiting for?

Check inside for details of how to win.

Bloodbath Arena puts you under siege by infinite waves of zombies, by lasting as long as you can you'll level up and get loot that you can then use in Dead Island's single player campaign. It also adds the new 'brain wave bomb' which exactly as deadly as it sounds.

Right lads, here's how it is. We at PC Gamer are totally prepared for a zombie apocalypse, we'll just use Owen as a decoy while we beat them to death with left over competition entries, but we're concerned about you guys. So we want you to:

Tell us your personal plan for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The five most practical, least practical, cleverest, stupidest and honestly-just-whichever-ones-I-like-the-look-of will win a copy of Bloodbath Arena.

Important Note: If you pre-ordered Dead Island, you should already have this for free, so let someone else enter.

Now here's the fine print: If you win, you'll get a private message and your name will appear in this week's winners , once you let us know you're still alive we'll send you your code. If you don't respond after three weeks we'll give your code to someone else.