Win one of 750 Darkspore beta keys

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Imagine a co-op action RPG in which you stomp around alien worlds, blasting evil mutants. Instead of dropping money and health potions, these mutants shed body parts and genetic material which can then be used to mutate your gangly alien hero into a more deadly fighter. Darkspore has very little to do with the original Life, the Universe and Everything sim, Spore. It's a game about getting together with friends, comparing your creatures and reducing a lot of alien wildlife to mush.

A Darkspore beta is about to kick off this weekend, and we've got 750 keys to give away. Read on to find out how to win.

All you have to do to enter is head over to this site and enter your details. We'll be awarding the keys on a first come, first served basis. The beta will run from Friday, March 11 from 6pm PT until 11:59pm PT Sunday March 13.

For more on Darkspore, have a read of our preview , and head over to the official Darkspore site .

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