Win access to gorgeous survival game Population Zero

(Image credit: Population Zero)

Why do the prettiest videogame worlds always want to kill you? Population Zero's planet Kepler is full of beautiful landscapes and local wildlife ready to eat you. It's a multiplayer survival game that challenges you to "make the most of the remaining 168 hours or get turned into an unworldly being by the Sphere". 

I quite like the idea of being an unworldly being, but building camps and battling players on Kepler's surface looks fun too. During each 168-hour session you craft a new story and unlock persistent upgrades for your player account, which lets you play with extra modifiers in new game modes.

The game isn't due to leave Early Access for another six weeks, but you can get in right now. The first 5,000 winners will receive a Steam key for the full version of the game at launch on May 5. The following 5,000 will just get access to the beta. If you manage to grab a key, you can redeem it on the PZOnline site. To enter, follow the instructions in the widget below.

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Tom Senior

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