Win a Primo Victoria tank in World of Tanks and more prizes

To celebrate the release of the Strv 81 Primo Victoria tank in World of Tanks, featuring the Swedish death metal band Sabaton, we've got three codes for the tank to give away. The main winner will also get a signed copy of Sabaton's album 'The Last Stand' and a t-shirt, while two runners up will get the tank, a copy of the album and a shirt. 

This is to celebrate Sabaton's recent collaboration with Wargaming. The tank is named after the band's most famous song, Primo Victoria, and is a Tier 8 Medium Swedish Centurion. Each code gets you a garage slot, one day of premium time and a 100% trained crew. The tank is live in the game now. It usually retails for 9750 gold (€37.50). 

At the same time, Wargaming also announced a collaboration with famed Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, who's providing a track for World of Tanks, which players of the game will be able to hear soon. This is part of an initiative to create a soundtrack for each map in the game, with collaborations with creators from all over the world. 

Please note this is a UK residents-only competition. Codes expire 31/12/17. Closing date for entries is 25/08/17 at 11PM BST. Prizes will be provided directly by All competition rules can be found here.

To enter, fill in the email form here and answer the question.

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