Win a bundle of Peggle loot: give us your best shot

Peggle prizes

If you've never wanted a tiny plushie Splork of your own, you haven't got that far in Peggle yet. Well, now you can get one of those, a Peggle mug, two Peggle badges, a Peggle mouse mat, a Peggle iPhone skin, Peggle, Peggle Nights, £30 of iTunes vouchers to buy Peggle and anything else on the iPhone, a bumper sticker reading XTRM FVR, and for some reason a bunch of Chuzzles.

All you have to do is save a replay of a great Peggle shot, zip it up, and post it on our forums. It can be Peggle Deluxe, Peggle Nights, or Peggle Extreme, but it probably has to be the PC version. We're not looking for the highest score, just that mix of style, skill and dumb luck that makes Peggle fun. Here's how to submit one.

  • When you make a good shot, click 'Instant Replay' in the bottom right shortly after.
  • You'll then get the option to save it as a file. Once you have, find your saved replays in C:\ProgramData\Steam\PeggleExtreme\userdata\replays
  • Search for 'replays' if you don't have that folder.
  • Then right click the one you want, and go to Send to > Compressed folder .
  • This will create a zip with your replay in, and you can upload that when you reply to this thread on our forums.

Deadline: Any replays posted in that thread before 9AM GMT on Monday the 8th of November are eligible.

Good luck!


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