Wildstar's next update lands on 11 November


Wildstar's long-awaited third content drop is nearly here. Mystery of the Genesis Prime is a big chunk of new Nexus, with an additional zone and a new series of episodic solo missions. It's out next week, on 11 November.

Here's the update's micro-site; which gives a run-down of what you can expect. The main draw is the new zone, The Defile, which hides a "monumental new boss" and a new public event that, supposedly, ends in "the most pivotal reveal in the history of world stories".

The other part of the update, Journey to Onmicore-1, may be of interest to solo players. Where much of Wildstar's end-game focuses on "hardcore" group players, this will be a series of missions designed for those who like to go it alone. Carbine describes it as featuring "pivotal cinematics, memorable characters, branching content, and unique gameplay mechanics".

See below for two trailers, showing off both sides of next week's update.

Phil Savage

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