WildStar video explains "ability mechanics", blog update reveals new mission type

WildStar's DevSpeak series has been slowly filling us in on Carbine Studios' plan to liven up MMO combat. Here, we get to see the grand reveal of that overhaul: moving while casting spells. Okay, so there's a bit more to it than that. The video explains WildStar's "ability mechanics", which is to say, how you go about casting the active abilities of each class.

And that isn't even your lot for fresh WildStar gossip. Content designer Kristen DeMeza revealed a new mission type for this week's alliterative WildStar Wednesday post over on the official blog. Called 'shiphand' missions, DeMeza says the aim is "to bring those crazy [sci-fi] ship experiences into play."

"When it's time to make a shiphand, we get together to talk about major themes and particular moments that stood out in the sci-fi we know and love. Movies, TV shows, books, games, comics… we look at all sorts of things to find common threads among them all to draw upon. From there, we design out the mission, do a little story wranglin', and end up with something uniquely WildStar."

According to DeMeza, shiphands play like extended, sequential quests, that scale for up to five players, last around 15-45 minutes, and are less challenging than dungeons or adventures. "You could end up on an asteroid, exploring the mystery behind the mining operation's sudden silence. Another ship might take you to a space station where the whole crew has started hallucinating due to a laboratory accident – and it looks like they're fresh out of gas masks. You may even find yourself an unwilling contestant on the Darkspur Cartel's infamous bloodsport reality show, The Gauntlet!"

Currently in closed beta, WildStar is due out next year.

Phil Savage

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