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Wildstar is going free-to-play this autumn

Wildstar 1

Wildstar is going free-to-play.

That's the big—if not unexpected—news from Carbine, developer of the struggling MMO. The exact date of the free-to-play switch is unannounced, but it will happen this autumn.

Carbine says that the entire game will be available to players for free, including all dungeons, raids, adventures, shiphand missions and PvP modes. Rewards are planned for players who subscribe between now and the free-to-play switch, and for past subscribers.

The game will feature an optional monthly membership that will provide bonuses to XP, crafting and item and currency rewards. In addition, an in-game store will sell convenience and cosmetic items. According to Carbine, almost every in-game store item will have an equivalent for those players that "want to invest time rather than money."

In addition, Carbine says they'll be rebalancing the game in time for the free-to-play switch. New features will include:

  • Streamlining player and item stats to be much more intuitive while adding high-level options to give players more flexibility.
  • Making the Amp system easier to use by unlocking all Amp slots.
  • Reviewing dungeons and open world content so that the experience is challenging, but not brutal.
  • Changing the tutorial and early game experience to provide a better and quicker introduction.

More details are expected over the coming month. As for why Wildstar is going free-to-play, check out Dan's interview with Carbine.

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