How to unlock new weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts new weapons - hunters fighting a wolf kemono
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Trying out new weapons in Wild Hearts is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. There are only eight at launch, but each one has just as much complexity as you'd expect from a weapon in Capcom's Monster hunter—some even moreso. Playing with each one and discovering their little mechanics, and how they can help you dismantle kemono—the mythical beasts that call the region near Minato their home—is how you'll likely want to spend your early hunts. 

Besides your humble katana, there are four other weapons you get at the start of the game, including a simple (but very big) hammer and a rather deadly umbrella. These aren't all of the weapons you can get, however. Some of the wildest options you can equip and take into battle have to be unlocked first, which requires progressing a few hours into the story. Remember that if you want to learn the intricacies of any weapon, you can head to the training dummy at your starter camp or in Minato and enable attack tutorials. 

Here's the full Wild Hearts arsenal:

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Nodachi (greatsword)
  • Bow
  • Maul (hammer)
  • Bladed Wagasa (umbrella)
  • Hand Cannon
  • Claw Blade
  • Karakuri Staff

The final three on that list are the ones you'll have to earn. Here's how to unlock every weapon in Wild Hearts. 

How to unlock all weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts new cannon weapon in Earthbreaker fight

The first of the new weapons you get to try is the Hand Cannon (Image credit: EA)

Besides the five weapons you get at the start of the game, there are three extra weapons you can unlock through progression in Wild Hearts: Hand Cannon, Claw Blade, and Karakuri Staff.

The Hand Cannon is your standard point-and-shoot gun, similar to the bowguns from Monster Hunter. It can also fire an arced artillery blast that summons a Ki Base that can refill its ammo.

The Claw Blade is a fast-attacking aerial weapon that lets you latch onto enemies with a rope—imagine dual blades crossed with insect glaive. It's the highest mobility weapon in the game.

The Karakuri Staff may be Wild Arms' toughest weapon to master. It can transform into lots of different forms mid-combat, including a polearm, tonfa, and a colossal greatsword for a huge finishing blow. Each transformation brings with it a unique short combo chain to learn.

In order to unlock these weapons, you'll have to complete the first chapter of Wild Hearts, which involves several missions: 

  • Head to the hunter village of Minato after your first few tutorial hunts
  • Travel to Natsukodachi Island to activate the dragon pit there
  • Return to the town to fight the Earthbreaker kemono.
  • After it's defeated, speak to Toga-Hime—Minato's steward—and then you visit the forge and speak to Natsume about crafting the three remaining weapons for some gold and a core stone each.

Will Wild Hearts ever get more weapons?

Yes. According to the developers, new weapon types are planned for future free content updates to Wild Hearts, with the first one dropping in March. 

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