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Fancy trying your hand at the CoD: Know Your History mission? This Warzone playlist is only active at specific times across the next few days, but if you're keen to learn more about Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War, it's worth dropping in. After months of build up, secret codes attached to the Warzone bunkers, and tonnes of clues forming a complex ARG, the community is finally getting some answers.

The entire mission takes roughly 15 minutes to complete, and there are some rewards for taking part, too. You can embark on this quest solo, or as a squad, and each objective can be completed by anyone on your team. Keep an eye on the mission timer, stay on track, and you'll breeze through these tasks. Naturally, this guide contains some spoilers, but if you're happy to get started, here's how to wield the weapon in Warzone to complete Know Your History.

When does the CoD: Know Your History playlist go live?

Know Your History is a limited-time event, but there's still time to hop in and experience it for yourself. Here's when the Know Your History playlist goes live:

  • August 27: 10:30am-11:30am PT/ 1:30pm-2:30pm ET/ 6:30pm-7:30pm BST
  • August 28: 4pm-6pm PT/ 7pm-9pm ET / 12:00am-2am BST (August 29)
  • August 29: 8am-10am PT and 5pm-7pm PT/ 11am-1pm and 8pm-10pm ET/ 4pm-6pm and 1am-3am BST

Launch Warzone at one of the times listed above and select the 'Know Your History' playlist to queue into the new in-game event. The match starts off similarly to a regular Warzone game with you in the plane. However, you may notice that the usual points of interest have had their names redacted on the map. These servers are teeming with players so respawns are enabled. If you're the unlucky victim in a firefight, you'll be able to drop straight back in to carry on where you left off.

CoD: Know Your History - Map codes and objectives

Collect the map codes

Your first objective is to loot and kill in search of map codes. If you're confident in your abilities, drop into a busy area and begin popping skulls. You can also open supply boxes to collect them. Once you've collected all five, interact with the golden piece of paper to secure the codes and follow the marker that has now popped up on your map.    

Secure the key

The hardest part of this objective is arriving at the marker safely. It's likely that you'll encounter other squads on the way, so keep your wits about you and one finger resting on your trigger. Upon securing the key, a zone is highlighted on your map, advising you to 'find the cipher'.   

Crack the map code

Head to the new zone—marked by a yellow circle—and begin scouring the buildings for a Locked Supply Box with a golden glow. This may take a little while, but if you've got your pals to give you a hand, one of you is bound to stumble across it if you split up. Open the box to grab the Code Cipher.

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Wield the weapon

It's time to follow the map code you just cracked and see what lies in that quadrant. Your hud should now display a 'wield the weapon' box, with the map coordinates in yellow. You know what to do—make your way to that area on the map. 

The end of this mission reunites you with a familiar face. Search the area for Frank Woods, and retrieve the weapon from him. You'll get to inspect the SKS Bay of Pigs until the timer ticks down to zero, which will trigger a cutscene.


Following the cutscene, you're dropped back into Verdansk with the message 'You will not survive' and a string of numbers plastered across the top of the screen. Run towards the red marker—which just so happens to be the Stadium—and enjoy the show as planes fly overhead and a few ominous titles crop up on the screen. Just as you reach the Stadium, the Cold War trailer will begin playing to mark the end of the mission. 

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CoD: Know Your History mission rewards

Here are the rewards you can earn from completing the Know Your History Warzone mission:

  • Emblem: All the Guns - earned by collecting the map codes
  • Calling Card: Ascension - earned by securing the key
  • Charm: Test Pattern - earned by cracking the map code
  • Marksman Rifle blueprint: Bay of Pigs - earned by finding Frank Woods and wielding the weapon.
  • Emblem: War of Words 
  • Calling Card: Mounting Storm
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