Why we (still) haven't reviewed Tomb Raider

Lara Croft's traumatic gap-year adventure has been well received by our counterparts on console, and we were hoping to be able to start providing you with our impressions of the PC version today. Unfortunately, we've been told by Square Enix that code for the PC version won't be issued until Tuesday, when the game goes on sale - so expect our verdict to fall in the latter half of next week.

Crystal Dynamics are reportedly unwilling to let the game out into the wild until it's ready. Perhaps they're worried about Lara's PC-exclusive hair going haywire - we don't know. Delays like this don't always indicate a problem with the product, but they do prevent us from telling you one way or another before you lay down your hard-earned cash.

If your fingers are hovering over the pre-order button for Tomb Raider then we advise holding off until we've had a chance to check it out. One way or another, we'll have some first impressions of the PC version up by midday GMT on Tuesday.

Chris Thursten

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