While you wait for The Witcher season 2, watch the cast do some competitive baking

With The Witcher season 2 production on ice for the time being, it might be some time before we get our fix of Geralt and chums again. In the meantime, Henry Cavill has been getting into painting Warhammer miniatures, but what about the rest of the cast? It turns out they've been doing some competitive baking.

It looks like casting director Sophie Holland got the bake-off rolling when she made some hot cross buns, which Paul Bullion, otherwise knows as the witcher Lambert, responded to with a testosterone-fuelled and, frankly, sexy video of his own baking skills. Take a gander below.

Holland and Bullion are neighbours, so she was able to assure us that his cinnamon rolls were very good. They were followed up by something a bit more savoury, courtesy of Tom Canton (Filavandrel) and his impressive beef wellington. No video this time, but you can drool over some photos. 

Canton challenged Jeremy Crawford, who plays Yarpen Zingrin the dwarf, and he did his character proud by using an axe to cut up the apples for what looks like a tasty apple pie, accompanied by a dram of Glenfiddich. That's my kind of dessert. 

Next up for the challenge was Adele Oni, who played Téa in the Dragon Hunt episode alongside Crawford. Sticking with the theme of using weapons in the kitchen, she cooked up some Zerrikanian chilli-chocolate bites with the help of her sword. Prepare to swoon. 

Not to be outdone, Mecia Simson eschewed weapons for some good old fashioned elven magic (she's learned a few things as Francesca Findabair) to conjure up some banoffee muffins. I think that might be cheating. 

She challenged Coën actor Yasen Atour, who just ended up making a huge mess. I appreciate seeing my level of baking skill being represented at last. 

Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich decided to go her own way and make some meatloaf, which I'm not sure counts. It still looks lovely, though, which is high praise from me, a man who would rather eat his own foot than chow down on some meatloaf. 

The bake-off isn't over yet, but I'm not sure we'll see Cavill get stuck in. Painting Warhammer miniatures takes forever. 

This got me thinking that a Witcher cookbook would be pretty great, and it turns out that some fans have been putting one together, or at least creating recipes based on grub from the books, games and Netflix series. If you're feeling peckish, check out Witcher Kitchen and start cooking. 

And of course someone has already turned Tub Geralt into a cake. Thank you for your service. 

I've been hoping I could turn PC Gamer into a baking website ever since Phil talked me into watching Nailed It, which I am now addicted to, so this has made me pleased as punch. 

Cheers, GamesRadar.

Fraser Brown
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