How to complete the rooftop gaps in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Tony Hawk rooftop gaps
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Where are the Tony Hawk rooftop gaps? The Downtown level challenges you to 'complete the rooftop gaps' as part of its list of park goals. You'll need to find and soar across all three to ace the objective, which requires a little backtracking.

Prepare to head to the roof and score some serious airtime. Landing the final gap perfectly may take a few tries, but I'm here to help you nail your Boneless and grind moves to make quick work of this objective. Let's get you a step closer to reaching the coveted 100 percent achievement in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater remaster. Here's where to find, and complete all the Tony Hawk rooftop gaps.

How to Boneless in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Landing rooftop gaps relies on you knowing how to effectively jump between buildings at dizzying heights. One way to do this is to use a move called 'Boneless' to launch yourself higher into the air. To perform a Boneless on a controller, double-tap up on the d-pad + jump (A/X). With regards to timing, skate towards the edge, and input the above button combination just as you're leaving a platform or ramp. 

It's also a good idea to fill your Special meter before attempting a jump. Look for rails that you can grind on the way to each destination, and finish off your combos with a manual to give it a boost. If you're struggling, consider reassigning your stat points to Airtime and Hangtime before attempting this challenge, as this gives you the best chance of clearing the gaps.

Tony Hawk rooftop gaps: Downtown

Rooftop Gap One

Immediately after you spawn on the Downtown level, turn towards the road that runs behind the blue 'Underground Parking' sign. Skate down the road to give yourself some space, then use the ramps to skate up, and over the sign to land on the street behind.

Downtown has a few cars skidding around its backstreets, so try to stay out of their way to avoid them knocking you off your board. Turn left and skate up the road until you arrive at a metal ramp that leads inside the building in the corner. Jump in to break the glass and grind across the rails to reach the roof. You'll also find the 'T' from the 'Get S-K-A-T-E' goal on your ascent.

Skate to the glass house in the middle of the rooftop, and stop close to the Popcorn bucket. Turn to face the building opposite with the yellow rectangular windows. You should also be able to see a white-and-red barrier and an orange cone just ahead. Skate forward to fly over the road, break the glass, and land in the room with another Popcorn bucket. The game will confirm that you've landed the gap by displaying the '1 of 3 rooftop goal completed' message shortly after you touch down. 

Exit the room and drop down onto the pavement below. Turn right and you'll be back at the entrance that leads up to the roof. Climb to the top once more in preparation for the second gap.

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Rooftop Gap Two

Once you reach the rooftop, head to the ramp on the far side, behind the glass house. On the left you'll see a ramp with a yellow arrow pointing at the rooftop opposite, but you'll want to tackle this gap head-on, so skate opposite it and perform a Boneless to gain some air. Now hurtle towards the yellow arrow and glide through the air to land safely on the other side. You can retrieve the Secret Tape here if you haven't made this jump before. You'll have to remain on this rooftop in order to nail the final gap, so don't drop onto the floor just yet.  

Rooftop Gap Three

This is the most difficult gap to complete, so don't feel bad if you can't manage it straight away. After hopping onto the rooftop, turn left and pause by the rail. Spin around and look for the ramp that should be directly opposite you. You're going to zoom off that ramp in a moment, but you need to land on the rail below and grind it to the end for it to count.

Skate towards the ramp and perform a Boneless at its peak. This propels you further into the air so you can reach the railing below. Hold the grind button (Y/Triangle on a controller) to snap to the rail, then release it once you're in a grind. Maintain your balance by tapping left and right on the d-pad to keep the blue arrow in the middle of the orange bar on the screen. After safely arriving at the fountain, hop onto the floor, and feel free to restart your run to begin working through your remaining park goals.

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