Where Is My Hammer? is a free game about destruction

Where Is My Hammer

Offices can be pretty stressful. It might all seem fine, but at any moment, someone could walk up to you and say something like "touch base," "engagement targets," or "content node." All of a sudden your brow is furrowed, and beads of sweat form as you expend previously unimaginable amounts of energy attempting to turn yourself into a human fireball of rage and indignation (and fire). Er, probably.

Alternatively, you could relieve that stress through a quick blast of Where Is My Hammer? It's a free game, in which the answer to the title's question is "in your hand, smashing shit up".

It's like the worlds simplest inventory puzzle. There is a Hammer. There are some Things. Use the Hammer on the Things.

It was created as part of the Indies vs PewDiePie gamejam. (PewDiePie, if you don't know, is one of those YouTubers they have now.) It's basic, but kind of funny—a bit like a small-scale version of Red Faction: Guerilla's hammer-based hijinks. That's no bad thing.

Phil Savage

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