What other websites think about Monster Hunter Rise, It Takes Two, and Yakuza 6

Totally Rated is a weekly show that collects opinions on games and tech products from the many websites PC Gamer shares offices with, including GamesRadar+ and TechRadar. On this week's episode, embedded above, our friends weigh in on Monster Hunter Rise, It Takes Two, and Yakuza 6.

Monster Hunter Rise is only available on Switch, but it's coming to PC next year, and we can't wait. Rich explained why we're so excited earlier this week, saying that Rise delivers "more amazing hunting action per minute" than the series ever has. Our colleagues over at GamesRadar agree: Hirun Cryer said that Rise is "something incredible." 

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been on PlayStation for a few years, but just came to PC and Xbox. In our review, Phil said that Yakuza 6 "isn't the best game in the series," but we've been unwavering in our enthusiasm for the Yakuza games, so that's still a hearty recommendation. Zakery Cuevas at Windows Central doesn't quite agree: Yakuza 6 is in fact "one of the best Yakuza games," says Cuevas, in part because of the "streamlined" combat. Over at Laptop, Brittany Vincent also praised Yakuza 6 for its "satisfying combat and a compelling narrative." Hearty recommendations all around, then.

Finally, there's It Takes Two, which Rachel called a "brilliant co-op adventure" in her 80% review. Our colleagues liked it, too. Over at TechRadar, Nick Pino said that Josef Fares' game about divorce is "incredibly heartfelt," and GamesRadar's Sam Loveridge praised It Takes Two for its commitment to cooperative design. "Your relationship with whoever you're playing with is just as important as that of May and Cody, as you'll get nowhere without robust communication and teamwork," she wrote.

You can watch Totally Rated Episode 7 above or on YouTube. Look for new Totally Rated episodes at the end of each week.

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