What happens if Shadowrun: Hong Kong raises $1 million?

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Having people constantly throwing money at you must be awful. It's never happened to me, thank GOD, but if it did I imagine I'd be spending my time slumped on my couch—one outstretched arm shading my forehead from the weight of all that cash.

Some people are forced to live this terrible life. For instance, Harebrained Schemes, who went to Kickstarter to ask for $100,000 with which to create a new Shadowrun game. Called Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the game raised its total within two hours. Now they're up to $690,000 and people keep giving them money. Nightmare.

Fortunately, there were stretch goals in play, adding new characters, new sidequests and expanded systems. Those stretch goals stop at $700,000—a total that will almost certainly be met before the campaign's 22 remaining days are up.

What happens after that? What happens at $1 million? In a new update, the team explains exactly what.

The answer, simply, is that the game will get a secondary Shadows of Hong Kong Mini-Campaign set after the events of the main game. This extra will provide around four to five hours of additional story, and will let players import their Shadowrun: Hong Kong character.

"The Shadows of Hong Kong Mini-Campaign will come out sometime before the end of 2015," explains Harebrained, "and will be free to Backers at the $15 pledge level and up."

Shadowrun: Hong Kong itself is due out mid-2015.

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