What did you play last week?

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Lauren Morton played GreedFall, a fantasy RPG in an Age of Sail setting, which feels like a replacement for the Old BioWare games we all miss. Not necessarily a great replacement, but still one worth looking at if you really miss the likes of Jade Empire and can't wait for Dragon Age 4.

Andy Kelly played the new bank level in Hitman 2 and it set off a trip down memory lane thinking about the other great bank levels games have had. Shout out to Thief 2: The Metal Age for the First City Bank and Trust, a huge level full of cameras and loud marble floors to sneak across.

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Phil Savage played a recent version of Rhythm Doctor, the bizarre one-button rhythm game. While a Flash demo has been floating around for about five years, the full version that's due later in 2019 seems to be even more inventive and baffling. Sometimes it'll window itself and then just bounce around your desktop while you're trying to play, which is a real headfuck.

Morgan Park, the resident Rainbow Six Siege liker, has been getting to grips with the new characters, Amaru and Goyo. One has a grappling hook and the other a shield that explodes. They're apparently harder to play than they sound.

Christopher Livingston played PlanetSide Arena's 240-player battle royale mode. The idea of having that many players all at once as well as a circle that closes rapidly so matches are over fast is interesting—potentially making rounds more action-packed in a way that doesn't feel so dispiriting to lose.

Steven Messner has been playing WoW Classic, and though he believes it does some things right there are also elements of modern WoW he misses in Classic. It's interesting how many Classic players are defensive of these flaws—the idea that modern WoW is less social and has lost some valuable friction but has overall improved quest design and balance seems obvious, yet there's a furious army of defenders online who think Classic was better in every way.

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I'm playing Borderlands 3 and not finding it as funny as Borderlands 2 was, or the characters as interesting, but I appreciate things like the reactiveness of enemies. Being able to air-juggle them has made shotguns my new favorite things, and so I've respecced into abilities that let me get up close. It helps that each character has multiple action skills, and get access to them at level two, which makes it easier to experiment with your playstyle. It's a shame it's only made me chuckle like three times though, because replaying Borderlands 2 recently it still cracked me up on the regular.

Enough about us. What about you? Are you also on the Borderlands 3 trail, or figuring out who to romance in GreedFall? Has anyone tried the new Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC, The Hunter & The Beast? Gears 5 or Wilmot's Warehouse? Let us know!

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