What did you play last week?

The Invisible Hand
(Image credit: Fellow Traveller)

Christopher Livingston played The Invisible Hand, a stock-trading sim where money goes up and morals go down. Insider trading, shorting stocks, buying a toilet made of pure gold to put in your condo—everything you expect in a modern Gordon Gekko simulator is here. 

Rachel Watts played Stardew Valley, modding it into even more of a cottagecore fantasy than it already was. I didn't think you'd be able to get such a lo-fi game looking so lush and 'aesthetic', but modders have found a way, tweaking everything from the color scheme to the grass to create Stardew Valley: Instagram edition.

James Davenport played Resident Evil Village, and has some tips and tricks for those who need 'em. He's finding it to be an excellent horror experience even if it isn't as difficult as some of the other games in the series, and in spite of the fact that Lady Dimetrescu is an underused villain.

Natalie Clayton played Unpaid Serenade, a karaoke typing game. You wait your turn then stand up in front of the crowd, typing the lyrics to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Every time you make a mistake, the vocals wobble as if you're drunk, slurring your way through while everyone stares. You know what? Forget Resident Evil, this is the scariest game of the week.

Fraser Brown played Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, the classic game of kicking everything you can. Before making Prey or Dishonored, Arkane gave us a game full of spells and weapons where the most fun thing in your arsenal was a straight-up boot, and set it in a fantasy world full of cliffs to kick enemies off, as well as spikes and fires to kick them into. How blessed we are.

Enough about us. What about you? Are you playing Resident Evil Village like so many others, or interviewing androids in Voight-Kampff simulator Silicon Dreams? Racing motorbikes in MotoGP21 or racing time itself in Quantum League? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
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