What did you play last week?

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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Lauren Morton has been playing a mod that adds the deserts of Elsweyr to Oblivion, so you can explore the khajiit's homeland. I'm partial to Moonpaths of Elsweyr, a Skyrim mod that does something similar, but damn if this doesn't make me want to replay Oblivion yet again.

Rick Lane checked in on Underworld Ascendant over a year after its release to see how several major patches have improved it. The original Ultima Underworld series pushed the boundary of 3D games, but this Kickstarted spiritual successor didn't live up to that legacy.

Jon Bolding has been playing the new Royalty expansion for RimWorld. It's turned him from a survivor struggling to maintain a base to a luxurious space chancer struggling to look after the pets of an aristo. It sounds like it gives the story-generating game even more potential for turning out wild sagas.

Tyler has been playing Days of War, a throwback to Day of Defeat-style World War II shooters. It's a multiplayer game made by a small team so it has the problem common to so many of them, which is getting a high enough player count that people will engage with the game rather than just complaining about the player count. On the plus side it has bots, so you can play even if the server's not full.

Andy Kelly played Black Mesa, and found that it transformed Xen from a part of the original Half-Life that sucked into one of his favorite bits of the game. 

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I've been playing Half-Life as well, but I've gone back to the old school version one last time. This way it'll be fresh in my mind when I finally get around to Black Mesa. When I'm in the vents and that tiny circle of torchlight picks up a headcrab leaping at my face, it's still effective. But while I'm no fan of Xen either, the point where the military show up is where it loses me a bit. I don't buy Gordon Freeman as a paramilitary killing machine, and I think FEAR when it came along balanced horror and fps squad-murder better. At least until its own goofy ending.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been running your own kingdoms in Yes, Your Grace or going back to the other classic fps of the moment, Halo? Solving crime puzzles in Murder By Numbers or carting parcels through the snow in Walking Simulator? Let us know!

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