What did you play last week?

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Harry Shepherd has been playing Doom Eternal, and finding himself struck by what I think of as the Sonic Paradox—in a game that's all about going fast, the presence of secrets makes him play slow. Sometime, like he says, you just gotta set a limit on how much time you're willing to lose hunting collectibles, else you'll ruin a game's rhythm. 

Evan has been playing Roundgard, a dungeoncrawl-themed version of Peggle where you fling fantasy adventurers around spike traps and gelatinous cubes to score points. A bit like pinball but one of those real fancy machines with lots of moving parts and monsters that come out to eat the ball. I miss PopCap's glory days, more Peggle-likes would rule.

Luke Winkie explored Decentraland, which I'm still not sure is real. It's Second Life but reinvented for cryptocurrency truthers, and it sounds both fascinating and completely off-putting. Did you know Second Life was originally created as the software component of an early VR setup called The Rig? Which I guess explains why its mouse and keyboard controls were so bad.

Phil Savage has been playing Destiny 2, and if you've ever been confused by Destiny 2 it won't help to learn that the most fun he's been having is sliding down a big chute. That's because you can transfer the momentum into a big leap at the end, but if you get it wrong, you die. What even is Destiny 2?

I'm 30 hours into Baldur's Gate 2, which is further than I made it last time when I got sick of not being able to kill trolls because I ran out of fire magic. It's so much better than the first Baldur's Gate I'd recommend starting here—this is where BioWare began writing in-depth companions and romances. It feels like the beginning of the golden age of classic BioWare.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been playing Doom Eternal, or the Federations add-on for Stellaris? Trying Steam's new crop of demos, like Eldest Souls? Let us know!

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