We've upgraded our Minecraft US server. Come build with us!


You all have built some amazing things on our Minecraft server over the past year, and we're excited to keep things going! We recently upgraded our server's hardware and software to boost performance and allow for more simultaneous users, and we added some new plugins to keep things interesting.

Check out the video that Jpang (one of the server's volunteer moderators) made to showcase the awesome things the community has built, and then come join us!

Server IP address:

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PCGMCUS

Contact mdoerators: pcgmcusmods@gmail.com

The full list of upgrades made in the past few months:

  • Upgraded to Bukkit 1.0.1-R3 in order to support Minecraft 1.1
  • Doubled the server RAM to 1GB, which allows us to have a 20 player cap
  • Spoutcraft plugin , which improves some graphic elements and adds things like menus and capes.
  • iConomy plugin , which adds a virtual currency to Minecraft. Every new builder on our server starts out with $1,000 of in-game currency. They can earn more by mining or farming in-game, and selling their earned items. It also allows you to hire people to help with a job and purchase items at the in-game shop (type "/warp shop" to travel there). Builders can also set up their own shops to sell items using trade signs.
  • Towny plugin , which—just as the name implies—allows users to create towns and ally with other towns to form nations. A user can found their own town with a moderate amount of in-game currency and start building with friends.