We're giving out 10 copies of H1Z1 and 10,000 keys to our private server

H1Z1 Cropped

Update: The giveaway has ended! Thanks to everyone who entered, the winners should receive an email with their key shortly.

H1Z1 launches into Steam Early Access today, and we have ten copies to giveaway. Follow the link below to enter and you will be put into the drawing pool. Ten winners will be randomly drawn and receive their keys Monday after 12pm PST, along with an access key to our private server.

Update: The sweepstakes closed at 12pm PST on Monday the 1/19th.

We also have our very own H1Z1 private server—aptly named "28 Disconnects Later"—and it's just for you, the readers of PC Gamer. The server will support roughly 200 players at a time and is full PvP, though not with hardcore permadeath. It will be available as soon as the game goes live today for anyone who grabs one of the 10,000 access keys we are giving away below. The access keys DO NOT give you a copy of the game, only access to the PC Gamer private server, so make sure you'll be able to use it before you claim one. H1Z1 will be free to play when it leaves early access, but currently costs $20.

Update: Unfortunately we are out of server access keys. Thanks to everyone who got one!


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