We're giving away 50 battle passes for the free-to-play battle royale Watchers

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Watchers is a free-to-play top-down battle royale where even after you die, you can still contribute to the last-man-standing mayhem. Players inhabit a suburban neighborhood where they search for weapons and gear to battle their fellow homeowners amid the manicured lawns and white picket fences. The last player standing, wins.

But even if you get knocked out of the round early in Watchers, you can still take part in the match. You can bet on other players, drop helpful or harmful items, and introduce experiments into the mix—bombarding the remaining combatants with orbital death rays, magnetic traps, and poison gas.

Watchers is free to play on Steam, but there's a battle pass that sells for $10. And we've got 50 of those battle passes to raffle off below. With the battle pass, you immediately get:

  • Three special forces skins to show you mean business.
  • The Howdy Neighbor sledgehammer.
  • A pumpkinhead gnome to add some holiday spirit to your murder spree.

And as you play Watchers and earn points, you'll gain access to the full rewards of the battle pass, which include:

  • 30 fighter skins
  • 8 types of melee weapon
  • 22 player avatars
  • 6 sprays for Watchers
  • 4 animations to help you enter the fray in style
  • 5 emotes for taunting your enemies
  • 5 new gravestones for enemies killed in battle
  • 6 amazing garden gnomes


(Image credit: Blindfold)

To enter the raffle, just enter your email in the widget below. (Note: You'll have to type it twice, once to enter it and a second time to confirm it.) We won't see the email address you enter and Godankey won't save it—it's only used to send the key to the winners. The raffle will be active until Sunday, October 27, at 1 pm PDT, at which point it will close and we'll send out keys to the winners. 

Note: If you do win a battle pass key, you'll need to have Watchers already downloaded and installed (remember, it's free) to redeem it. Good luck!

Here's a direct link to the raffle if you don't see the embed below.

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