We're attending The Old Republic's Guild Summit, what do you want to tell the devs?

TOR confuse 190

A month ago, BioWare announced they'd be holding a summit of The Old Republic guild leaders near their Austin, TX offices to gather feedback from the community and share their vision for the game's future. Well, my Jedi and Sith friends, the time is almost here.

The Summit takes place on Monday, and we're going to be there representing our official guild and PC Gamer as a whole. In addition to livestreaming some of the panels here on the site next week, we also want to pass along your feedback to the developers. So let us know what you like and don't like about TOR, and what you think BioWare should do about it.

Members of the official TOR guild on The Crucible Pits (US) server can post their thoughts on our guild's website as well.