Well, here's a mod that replaces the Left 4 Dead 2 Charger with Homer in his car

Homer Simpson as a Charger
(Image credit: Minnie Mouse / Steam)

Halloween is over. Done. Donezo. Finished. Jason Voorhees is out and Mariah Carey is in. Nothing horror is allowed for the rest of the year, and that means we've got to make some sacrifices. In dedication to the oncoming festive period we should all respect that scares are over until 2023 and install this symbolic mod, which swaps the Charger in Left 4 Dead for Homer Simpson driving his lilac sedan. 

Why is Homer driving his lilac sedan a festive mod? I will not be taking questions at this time. But I can say that nothing has made me laugh today quite as much as seeing Homer Simpson run over this poor player fighting for their survival. Left 4 Dead is almost unrecognisable in this small clip from Twitter because of how many mods are stuffed into it. I'm pretty sure Overwatch loot boxes aren't even in Overwatch anymore, right? And then suddenly the team is torn apart by my favourite doughnut-loving idiot. 

(Image credit: Minnie Mouse)

The Homer Simpson's Car - Charger mod was developed by a user on Steam named Minnie Mouse (does Mickey know you like horror games, Minnie?) and it has quite the positive rating on the site. Even just the clip that you can see advertising the mod is ridiculous, as instead it's Peter Griffin being mauled by the zombie car. 

I don't play a lot of Left 4 Dead these days, so I'm surprised to see this Charger mod is less of one of one and more of a genre. The Homer Simpson replacement is inspired by another previous mod from November last year which instead replaces the Charger with Shaggy from Scooby Doo on a tractor. Equally absurd and hilarious, so it's up to you to take your pick on which you'd prefer to be running away screaming from. Just remember to do it festively, as the season demands.  

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