Weekend Game Deals - Stock up on guns and spells, and play Modern Warfare 3 for free


This weekend in deals: play Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer free on Steam, get 43% off The Old Republic , 34% off Mass Effect 3 , and, on GOG , take 50% off EA games which involve both guns and spells. We've also collected discounts on Battlefield 3 , Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning , Mount & Blade Collection , The Walking Dead , and more...


Modern Warfare 3 is Steam's big promotion this weekend -- from now until 1pm PST on Sunday, you can play the multiplayer free, and the full game is 33% off until April 30. See all of Steam's deals here .


Last week's 33% off sale of The Old Republic ended and...came back stronger, this time at 43% off. And, again, that's it for Origin sales, unless you consider full-price pre-orders for Crysis 3 and SimCity deals.


Amazon is offering its usual hodgepodge of deals, including MW3 for the same 33% discount as Steam, Crysis for $4.99, and discounts on the Dead Space series, Civilization V, and the just-released The Walking Dead.


Despite its cringe-inducing name, GameStop's "Indie Games Bundle" is a pretty good deal -- eight games, including And Yet It Moves, Gray Matter, and Really Big Sky, for $12.79. Other deals include Mass Effect 3 for $39.99 and Dragon Age: Origins/Dragon Age 2 bundled for $19.99. See all of Impulse's deals here .


GameFly's current deals aren't quite as high-profile as last week's Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur sales, but we won't complain about getting Sanctum for $3.74.


GamersGate is again targeting big titles , with 50% off Battlefield 3, 40% off Kingdoms of Amalur, 50% off Dragon Age II, and 20% off Mass Effect 3.


This weekend GOG is offering a very specific set of deals : 50% off Electronic Arts games involving guns and spells, including Syndicate, Nox, and Magic Carpet.

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Drop them in the comments!


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