We filled out Microsoft's 'What's important to you in PC gaming' survey for the hell of it

Image via DeviantArt poster BemoGames. Click for the original version.

Image via DeviantArt poster BemoGames. Click for the original version.

On Thursday, Microsoft sent out a survey to Windows Insider members with a subject line that caught our attention: "Tell us what's important to you as a PC gamer." The survey's introduction states "We aim to build the best Windows yet for gaming, so we’re reaching out to understand what’s important to you in PC gaming.  Your opinions are very important to us, and we appreciate your help."\

It's a decently long survey, with questions about what kind of PC you own (laptop? desktop? did you build it yourself or buy it?), whether you play games on consoles and mobile, what your favorite genres are, and so on. But there were a few questions we thought were really important, so we spent some time writing out our responses, which we've embedded below.

If you're passionate about PC gaming—especially about issues like modding—we'd encourage you to take the survey, too.

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Wes Fenlon
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