Watch this Dishonored 2 player kill a target in 80 funny and innovative ways

Dishonored 2 is the kind of game that puts great stock in player freedom, encouraging you to express yourself by means of creative killing. If you want to take care of a bad guy in a specific way, then it's probably possible if you have the dedication and perseverance for your nefarious plan. 

For me, I couldn't decide how to take care of the smug Kirin Jindosh, who lives in a mechanical, living mansion that's just oozing with possibilities. And it seems YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian couldn't either. He dealt with the inventor in 80 different ways and archived his exploits in a pretty cathartic video (above). If you disliked Jindosh as much as I did, it's definitely worth a watch. Extra credit goes to the choice of music, which will delight fellow 2001 fans.

I think the most exciting thing about Dishonored 2 is the fact that it's so easy to be surprised by the approach other players take. Perhaps my favourite kill in Cosmic Contrarian's showreel—which I didn't even know could be done—is around the 2:30 mark, when the YouTuber is in a duel with the mustachioed jerk. Instead of doing the honourable thing and keeping the contest strictly between steel, he swiftly kicks Jindosh in an area that needs no elaboration. The inventor then drops his weapons, falls to his knees, and grabs the affected area, before a sword is pushed through the side of his neck. Sucks to be him!

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