The League of Legends Season 1 championship match is happening now. Watch it with us live!

UPDATE: The match is over! Congratulation to LoL's first-ever world champs! (whose name has been edited out for the sake of spoilers--go watch the replay videos!)

This weekend's Sweden-based Dreamhack esports tournament has hosted some amazing matches for all the competitive games, but League of Legends is my personal favorite to watch--and almost 1,000,000 people have tuned in at one point or another to spectate the LoL portion of the tournament.

The finals match starts today at 3:00 PM PST, and you don't want to miss it! Two European teams, aAa and FnaticMSI will be duking it out for the $100,000 and all the pride, bragging rights, and nerd cred that comes with being crowned the champions of League of Legends' first Season.

You can watch video recaps, dynamic brackets, and all sorts of other goodies on Riot Games' website .