Watch the first gameplay trailer for Borderlands 3

Gearbox confirmed Borderlands 3's existence at its PAX East panel today, as well as calling 2019 "The Year of Borderlands." We managed to learn quite a bit from the Mask of Mayhem teaser, but the trailer accompanying the announcement—take a look above—is considerably meatier and chock-full of action and character reveals. 

Along with giving us our first proper look at the four new Vault Hunters, including a new Siren with fancy magic arms and a big robot fella, the trailer speeds through the roster of new and returning friends and foes from across the previous games. It's a lot to digest. Old Vault Hunters are returning, and yes, Claptrap is back, along with that guy you buy guns from and a bunch of spin-off characters. If they didn't die in the other games, there's a good chance you'll see them. 

Beyond the characters, the highlight is obviously the news that Borderlands 3 won't be restricted to one planet. Most of the games have been set on Pandora (the Pre-Sequel was on its moon) but the trailer shows off a bunch of distinct worlds that we'll be able to visit. And then fill with bullet holes. 

It wouldn't be Borderlands without an obscene number of weapons, and it looks like 3 won't disappoint. More than a billion guns, apparently, which is just ridiculous. Obviously they're not bespoke, but that's still a lot of firepower exploding out of enemy corpses. 

Expect to learn more about the game on April 3rd.

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