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Watch Sony's PlayStation 5 hardware reveal

The next generation of consoles are on their way, and while you might only have eyes for PC, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still going to have a large, broad impact on the games you'll play in the future. With that in mind, Mark Cerny's deep dive into the PS5's system architecture is sure to be pretty interesting. 

Cerny will be talking us through the console at 4 pm GMT/ 9 am PT, and you can watch the stream above. 

Sony's already revealed some of what's going to crammed into the box, including an AMD Ryzen processor, a Radeon Navi GPU, SSD storage and 8K support. A lot of the specifics are still up in the air, however, so there's still plenty for Sony to potentially share today. 

OK, back to the PC gaming news.  

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