Watch some great videos and special features from the Telltale vault

Motivated by the sad news of Telltale's majority closure, former employee Jake Rodkin—who left the studio to co-found Campo Santo several years ago and is not one of those laid off without severance—has been uploading videos of prototypes, goofs, and "DVD bonus features" to YouTube. So far the videos at Old Telltale Stuff focus on the studio's middle-period, games like Sam & Max, Strong Bad's Cool Game For Awesome People, Back to the Future, and the first season of The Walking Dead. 

The highlight so far has been an alternate version of the scene from The Walking Dead where Lee runs a gauntlet of zombies. Made as a way of letting off steam toward the end of production, it shows a side of the team that Tales from the Borderlands would really allow them to develop. (Spoilers for The Walking Dead, obv.)

Other highlights include developer's commentary for all three seasons of Sam & Max as well as Back to the Future, blooper reels, a video of Lee dealing with an empty cabinet in a calm and measured way, and a spontaneous Strong Bad episode being made with help from the audience at PAX.

I'll leave you with something less funny. This compilation of behind-the-scenes footage from the office showing people letting their hair down—cheering as The Walking Dead wins awards, enjoying 'Wine Fridays', and recording reference footage for fight scenes by bashing each other with foam props—is made bittersweet by the knowledge of how it would end up for them. Here's hoping they land on their feet.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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